Diet and nutrition Infosheet

This Infoguide is written for patients and explains:

  • What a well balanced diet is
  • Why it can be difficult to maintain
  • When a special diet may be necessary
  • What can be done to maintain a healthy diet

Exercise and myeloma Infosheet

This Infosheet is written for patients and explains:

  • Why exercise is important and what the benefits are
  • Which types of exercise can be done
  • What patients should do before starting an exercise programme


Planning ahead: An Infopack for myeloma patients

This Infopack is written for patients. It provides information about:

  • Why planning ahead can be beneficial
  • What to expect when myeloma treatment is no longer an option
  • What is likely to happen towards the end of life
  • Information about where to find support

Diagnostic techniques and prognostic indicators

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Biology and genetics

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