This is a 2 day course which will present a basic understanding of cancer. Through a series of presentations, you’ll learn how cancer develops, the commonest types of cancer, cancer detection and treatment modalities.

Upon completion of this course delegates will understand:

  • Why cancer can be found in many places in the body
  • Why knowledge of different cell types helps identify where certain types of cancer are more likely
  • Why cancer has the ability to move and grow away from the primary site of origin
  • The methods of spread such as local invasion, lymphatic and blood spread, seeding and transcoelomic spread
  • How disease progression will influence pain management
  • How tumours can be classified with specific consideration of staging and grading systems
  • The role of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapies in the treatment of cancer

Intended Audience

All those new to oncology including research, admin support, industry, clinical trials unit (CTU), hospice and any other staff groups who require an overview and understanding of the anatomy, biology and treatments of cancer.

This study day is a live event whereby delegates can interact live on the day. All those registered for the study day will be able to catch up on all sessions on-demand – the perfect solution should you have prior clinical commitments or leave. The links to the recordings are typically available a few hours after the event has finished.