On July 21, Myeloma UK launched a new funding call, Early Diagnosis for Myeloma, and are seeking applications for research projects focused on helping improve the diagnosis of myeloma.

Delayed diagnosis is one of the biggest unmet needs in myeloma. It is associated with an increase in severe complications, such as spinal cord compression and kidney failure and therefore early diagnosis is critical for improving the quality of life and life expectancy of myeloma patients.

The charity plan to invest up to £250K into two innovative and clearly defined research projects which either:

  • Address the factors that cause late diagnosis of myeloma
  • Progress our knowledge of the development of myeloma with a view to screening at risk individuals
  • Have the potential to impact the way myeloma is diagnosed

They welcome novel proposals which learn from other areas of cancer research and benefit from cross-disciplinary approaches.

Applications close at 3pm on 30 September.

You can apply for this funding or find out more on the Myeloma UK Website.