Infections are a primary cause of mortality among myeloma patients. Infection prevention, detection and management are key nursing priorities.

Recognising the need to support all nurses who look after patients with myeloma, Myeloma UK have added a guide on infection in myeloma to their existing Myeloma Nurse Guide series.

Introducing the Infection Myeloma Nurse Guide

Myeloma UK have launched our new free Infection Myeloma Nurse Guide to support nurses in improving their understanding of infections in myeloma.

Developed in collaboration with a panel of expert nurses, this guide addresses prevention and management of the ongoing risk of infection for myeloma patients; a risk that has recently been compounded by newer treatments such as bispecific antibodies and CAR-T cell treatments.

Designed for nurses working on the ward or day unit, this guide provides information on:

  • The unique immune system challenges posed by myeloma
  • The predictive factors for infection
  • Effective nursing strategies for preventing infection, including vaccination
  • Information and self-management tips for patients and families

Through enhanced understanding of infection management, nurses can not only mitigate the risks and consequences of infections, but also support, educate and empower patients and families in how to cope with this ongoing challenge.

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