The results of the first head-to-head Phase III trial comparing two proteasome inhibitors, have demonstrated the benefits of Kyprolis over Velcade for relapsed and/or refractory myeloma patients. Published online in the Lancet Oncology, the ENDEAVOR trial compared outcomes for 929 patients randomised to receive either Kyprolis and low-dose dexamethasone (Kd) or Velcade and low-dose dexamethasone (Vd), and showed that Kd significantly improved median progression free survival (18.7 months) compared to Vd (9.4 months). In addition, the proportion of patients achieving an objective response was 77% in the Kd group compared to 63% in the Vd group while the number of patients with grade 2 or greater peripheral neuropathy was significantly higher in the Vd group. The authors concluded that the data supported the use of Kyprolis treatment in cases where Velcade was also an option.


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