A study, published recently in Blood, has found that the SKY92-signature (EMC92) for genetic subtyping of myeloma patients in combination with the International Staging System (ISS) classification is a stronger predictor for overall survival compared to other existing classifiers. The SKY92-signature developed by the Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, consisted of 92 genes directly or indirectly related to myeloma. In combination with the ISS, analyses of datasets from several trials (n=4750 patients) resulted in four group risk classifications. The median survival was 24 months for the highest risk group, 47 and 61 months for the intermediate risk groups and the median was not reached after 96 months for the lowest risk group. The authors concluded that this EMC92-ISS classification system is a robust prognostic tool, which could help predict when patients were likely to progress and assist with optimal treatment decisions for individuals.

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