When Sarah’s partner Karl was diagnosed with Myeloma in September 2013 it came as a complete shock. Prior to the diagnosis, he had experienced whooping cough, pneumonia, shingles, and severe back pain but had no idea it was linked.

“It was a cancer I’d never heard of and really didn’t know anything about it.” says Sarah. “Karl was diagnosed eleven years ago, just one year into our relationship which was especially difficult as things changed for us overnight.”

They turned to Myeloma UK for support and information. “Myeloma UK has offered a wealth of information regarding the condition, its side effects, potential future treatments, and support whenever required.” says Karl, who despite undergoing two stem cell transplants and three lines of treatment over the past twelve years, managed to maintain his position in a senior finance role in the NHS.

It’s because of that support that Sarah chose to sign up to Myeloma UK lottery. “I wanted to donate to something that is personal to me” she reflected. “I hope that one day there is a cure to this cruel disease and playing the lottery is a great way to contribute to a good cause. And you might win!”

Karl reflected: “The constant anticipation of receiving paraprotein results on a regular basis remains challenging. Nevertheless, this third line treatment, which I have been on for over five years, has allowed me to strive for a normal life.”

Karl recently took the decision to retire and take things easier and the couple try to live it to the full. Last year they got married after 11 years together.

Sarah and Karl decided to live life to the full.


Sarah won £25 in the Myeloma UK lottery last month and decided to treat Karl to lunch with her winnings.

By joining the Myeloma UK lottery, you help to fund our work to bring more treatments into the UK, so that more people like Karl can look forward to their best future. Together, we make it possible to live longer and better lives with myeloma. Together, we are the cure.

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