Myeloma is a complex and heterogeneous cancer that is associated with a multitude of complications. Together with the rapid pace of change in research and clinical practice, it is critical that healthcare professionals are kept informed and up to date with the latest news, treatments, policy and best practice.

Myeloma Academy supports healthcare professionals through free and open online access to:

  • On the go ‘bite-size’ learning that can be integrated into busy work and home schedules
  • Unique resources and information for hospital doctors, nurses, GPs and other clinicians involved in the wider multidisciplinary team
  • Resources with a UK context that reflects current practice and always with patient experience at the heart
  • Access to the latest news in myeloma and relevant information including key publications and clinical guidelines

Who we work with

The Myeloma Academy is designed and delivered in conjunction with myeloma specialists. Our work is guided by haematologists, clinical nurse specialists, GPs and allied healthcare professionals. Specific resources are externally accredited to provide formal CPD learning.