myeloma bone marrow aspirate

Highlights from the 2nd Oxford Myeloma Workshop

The 2nd Oxford Myeloma Workshop was a two-day event (1-2 August 2019) run by Oxford University Hospitals which focused on the current translational research priorities in myeloma. Patient Advocacy and Policy Research Officer, Dr Amy Capper was there to learn about the latest developments. Here are some of her highlights from the programme: Opening the…


Highlights from the 2019 UK Myeloma Forum Scientific Workshop

The UK Myeloma Forum (UKMF) is a collaborative organisation of healthcare professionals and scientists which aims to improve the treatment of patients with myeloma. The annual UKMF Scientific Workshop is an all-day event where leading experts share the latest biomedical research aiming to improve understanding of myeloma and develop new strategies to improve patient outcomes. This year’s…


60th American Society of Haematology Annual Meeting (ASH) Research Highlights

OPTIMISING CURRENT TREATMENTS The number of drugs available as myeloma treatment has grown significantly over the last two decades with discovery and approval of immunomodulatory drugs (thalidomide, lenalidomide (Revlimid®) and pomalidomide (Imnovid®)), proteasome inhibitors (bortezomib (Velcade®), cafilzomib (Kyprolis®) and ixazomib (Ninlaro®)), histone deacetylase inhibitors (panobinostat) and monoclonal antibody drugs (daratumumab (Darzalex®) and elotuzumab (Empliciti®)). However,…