Photograph of yellow-top blood tubes containing blood samples, with barcodes on the sides.

Plasma Cell Disorders Webinar Series: Journey from Laboratory Tests to Diagnosis

Laboratory staff play a key role in the investigation, diagnosis, and management of a range of plasma cell disorders including MGUS, AL amyloidosis and myeloma. In March 2023, we partnered with UKNEQAS to deliver four educational webinars covering these disorders. The webinars focus on defining the different types of plasma cell disorders, deciding when and…

Laboratory Best Practice Tool

Timely diagnosis of myeloma relies on laboratories performing the correct tests and flagging abnormal results to clinicians. In 2017, the UK National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS) and Myeloma UK collaborated on a questionnaire which was sent to UK laboratories to assess their practice in relation to diagnosis and monitoring of patients with myeloma.

Laboratory Best Practice Webinars: ‘Mysteries of Myeloma’

Laboratory staff play a critical role in early and accurate diagnosis of myeloma. Insightful commenting on abnormal test results and associated referral recommendations, is a key factor in assisting GPs and hospital clinicians to make a diagnosis, and in helping to reduce avoidable delays in the diagnostic pathway. There is considerable variation in the testing…