To assist labs in improving their monoclonal gammopathy testing service, Myeloma UK have launched a Lab Best Practice tool. This tool was developed in collaboration with NHS consultant clinical scientists, consultant haematologists, and UK NEQAS.

Timely diagnosis of myeloma relies on laboratories performing the correct tests and flagging abnormal results to clinicians. In 2017, the UK National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS) and Myeloma UK collaborated on a questionnaire which was sent to UK laboratories to assess their practice in relation to diagnosis and monitoring of patients with myeloma. The survey identified significant variation in the quality of testing, experience of staff, and the reporting of myeloma results within the laboratories. To address this variation, Myeloma UK collaborated with consultant clinical scientists, UK NEQAS, and consultant haematologists to develop a Monoclonal Gammopathy Lab Tool. This tool helps labs identify areas of good practice and areas where processes could be improved. It provides guidance on:

  1. Ordering of tests
  2. Analytical testing of samples, and
  3. Interpretation and reporting of results

It also includes a case study example of how a real lab performed against the guidance.

If you would like to order a copy of the printed version of the tool, please email us at