Myeloma, MGUS and related conditions: A Guide for GPs

This guide is written for GPs to help in the diagnosis of myeloma and monoclonal gammopathies. Primary care clinicians play a critical role in the early diagnosis of myeloma

BMJ Learning: Myeloma: Practical tips for primary care

In collaboration with BMJ Learning, we have created a new course for GPs on myeloma.  This interactive course gives practical tips on the detection and diagnosis of myeloma and MGUS.

GatewayC Myeloma Early Diagnosis course

We have partnered with GatewayC on their updated Myeloma Early Diagnosis course, available for all primary care professionals.

This course aims to increase GPs’ awareness of patients with suspected myeloma and support them to undertake the appropriate investigations and understand how to interpret the results.

GP Myeloma Diagnostic Tool

Early diagnosis of myeloma relies on primary care clinicians being able to accurately suspect, test and refer patients with suspected myeloma. It is important that GPs are able to distinguish those patients that require urgent investigation in secondary care versus those that likely have lower risk MGUS and so can be monitored in primary care or via discussion…

GP education events

We have co-partnered education events for GPs with a number of Clinical Commissioning Groups across the UK.

Please get in touch if you can direct us to the relevant person in your local CCG or if you would be interested in hosting a GP education event at your hospital. Email

GP Ten Top Tips

We have collaborated with Macmillan to produce a Myeloma 10 top tips factsheet to support myeloma diagnosis by raising GP awareness. This includes guidance on when to suspect myeloma and which blood tests should be requested. The factsheet has been reviewed by expert haematologists and Macmillan GP Advisors to ensure the content is accurate from the perspective of both primary and secondary care clinicians.

Myeloma Diagnosis Pathway

The Myeloma Diagnosis Pathway is an easy to follow, quick reference tool to help GPs and other healthcare professionals recognise the signs and symptoms of myeloma. It provides information on which tests and investigations should be conducted before referral to a haematologist. It has been designed by Myeloma UK and reviewed by a working group…