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This guide is written for GPs to help in the diagnosis of myeloma and monoclonal gammopathies. Primary care clinicians play a critical role in the early diagnosis of myeloma by being able to

  • Spot red flag symptoms of myeloma
  • Request the relevant investigations
  • Know when to seek advice or make a referral
  • Manage patients with low-risk MGUS

Created specifically for GPs, this guide includes information about myeloma and the tests required to help diagnosis, guidance on how to interpret test results and when referral to haematology might be needed.

It was developed in partnership with a panel of expert clinicians (including GPs, haematologists, clinical scientists and immunologists) from across the UK and is designed to be used in conjunction with our GP Myeloma Diagnostic Tool.  These resources have been developed as part of the Myeloma UK ‘diagnose myeloma earlier’ strategy to speed up the detection, referral and diagnosis of myeloma.

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