Laboratory staff play a critical role in early and accurate diagnosis of myeloma. Insightful commenting on abnormal test results and associated referral recommendations, is a key factor in assisting GPs and hospital clinicians to make a diagnosis, and in helping to reduce avoidable delays in the diagnostic pathway. There is considerable variation in the testing and reporting of abnormal results in UK laboratories and we recognize the need to support the training of laboratory staff in myeloma.

We partnered with UK NEQAS to hold a series of five educational webinars on myeloma for laboratory staff. UK NEQAS is a not-for-profit organization that aims to improve patient care through monitoring the quality of tests and their reporting and help ensure optimal quality in testing for the benefit of patients.

The ‘Mysteries of Myeloma’ webinar series were covered the following areas of training:

  1. What is myeloma, and the patient’s perspective?
  2. Diagnostic testing for myeloma-challenges and pitfalls (Part 1)
  3. Diagnostic testing for myeloma-challenges and pitfalls (Part 2)
  4. What to do with results?
  5. Participants Q+A and tricky cases.