Photograph of yellow-top blood tubes containing blood samples, with barcodes on the sides.

Laboratory staff play a key role in the investigation, diagnosis, and management of a range of plasma cell disorders including MGUS, AL amyloidosis and myeloma. In March 2023, we partnered with UKNEQAS to deliver four educational webinars covering these disorders. The webinars focus on defining the different types of plasma cell disorders, deciding when and how to investigate, and highlight tools to assist in this investigation and diagnosis. The webinars are hosted by Dina Patel, Scientific Director for UK NEQAS Immunology, Immunochemistry & Allery (IIA) with expert speakers leading three of the sessions and the final session allowing an opportunity for panel discussion and questions from delegates. We also hear the patient perspective of receiving a diagnosis of a plasma cell disorder.

The key learning outcomes for the Plasma Cell Disorders webinars are:

  • To provide guidance on best practice for laboratory testing, interpretation and reporting to incorporate recommendations into your local practices
  • To highlight the impact of laboratory testing on patient diagnosis and management

You can access the webinars through the following links:

  1. “Myeloma Lab Best Practice Tool – What’s It All About?” (Dr Fenella Willis & Dr Ross Sadler)
  2. Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS) (Dr Karthik Ramasamy & Mark Davies)
  3. “AL Amyloidosis – Is This Serious Doctor?” (Dr Sharmeem Mahmood & Janet Gilbertson)
  4. Panel Discussion With Questions From Delegates (Dr Ross Sadler, Dr Fenella Willis & Dr Karthik Ramasamy)