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The Myeloma Academy Short Courses series provides you with a programme of focused learning, designed to update and increase knowledge on specific topics in myeloma. Delivered with the help of an expert faculty for each Short Course, the aim is to keep you abreast of the changing pace in myeloma research and practice, enabling you to provide the best possible treatment and care for your patients.

How it works

This Short Course is divided into modules and you should aim to complete each module in sequence as each builds from the previous one to help you learn.

You learn by watching videos and reading articles – some of these are followed by short quizzes, to help you check your understanding. Other resources will also be available to complement the modules.

How to get started

To access a Short Course, you will need to first register on to Myeloma Academy™. This will give you a personalised record of your activities and certificates which you can access whenever you need to. If you already have an account, simply go to the Short Courses link and proceed with the first activity in your own time.

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