Themed “Controversies and uncertainties – Unanswered questions in myeloma,” this hybrid meeting promises an in-depth exploration of the complexities within the field. Of particular note is the prestigious Michael Morley Lecture, titled “Bispecific Abs and CAR-T: sequencing toxicities and practicalities,” to be delivered by Professor Niels van de Donk from Amsterdam University Medical Centre. Attendees are encouraged to delve into the unresolved issues surrounding myeloma and contribute to the advancement of patient care.

Central to the objectives of the myeloma society is the mission to enhance patient care through the development and promotion of trials. Additionally, the society remains steadfast in its commitment to educating healthcare professionals and patients about myeloma, recognising its critical role in facilitating early diagnosis in light of its often late detection.

Join us at this brilliant event, where together we can make strides towards improving outcomes for myeloma patients.