The third and final Myeloma Academy Haematologists Roadshow of 2016 took place in London on 16 November

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the lively debate and discussions, making the event such a great success.

Myeloma Academy Haematologists Roadshow

Programme playlist

Watch the exclusive video and presentation slides from the London Haematologists Roadshow to learn more about these myeloma topics and get a taste of what occurs at our unique, educational events

Keynote Lecture
How to cure myeloma
Dr Rafat Abonour

Chronic treatment is better than intermittent treatment
Dr Martin Kaiser and Dr Holger Auner

Round table discussion

  • Are we designing and conducting the right clinical trials in myeloma?
  • Is myeloma curable?
  • How do we make myeloma treatment more affordable?
  • How well do we understand that needs and preferences of myeloma patients?