2023 has been remarkable for Myeloma UK’s Clinical Service Excellence Programme (CSEP). We proudly announce that 11 exceptional hospitals have been awarded the prestigious CSEP accreditation, recognising their outstanding contributions to myeloma care.
Among them are six hospitals that have successfully renewed their CSEP award, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence, alongside five hospitals receiving the accreditation for the first time.
Let’s explore some of the outstanding achievements and highlights that showcase these hospitals’ commitment to exceptional patient care.

Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre

At the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre in Glasgow, a specialised pain clinic has been successfully integrated into the myeloma outpatient clinic. Paul Gallagher, a senior pharmacist specialising in cancer pain, offers pain management consultations to myeloma patients with complex pain needs, removing the need to attend a separate clinic.

James Cook University Hospital

We were particularly impressed with the outreach service at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. Haematology Outreach Nurse Specialist Helen Walker and her team of myeloma clinical nurse specialists provide comprehensive support to patients in the community, both at home and in care homes.

Royal Marsden

A clear highlight at the Royal Marsden in Sutton is that patients have been offered the option of outpatient autologous stem cell transplantation for almost ten years. Audit of the service has shown improved outcomes, with patients experiencing less anxiety at home, eating better, and getting more sleep.

Royal Stoke University Hospital

We were delighted to attend the plaque presentation at Royal Stoke University Hospital during Myeloma Awareness Week 2023. Dr Kam Karunanithi’s dedication to providing myeloma patients access to clinical trials is evidenced by an exceptionally extensive clinical trials portfolio.

Royal Gwent Hospital and Nevill Hall Hospital

The same core plasma cell team provides patients with cross-site continuity of care at the reaccredited Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport and the accredited Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny. A clear highlight is CNS Alison Pugh’s nurse-led clinic that uses the Myeloma-Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire (MyPOS) to identify patients’ needs. 

Worthing Hospital

Patients at Worthing Hospital benefit from Myeloma CNS Amanda Justice’s innovative use of a patient database to direct targeted mailouts of patient information tailored to patients’ individual needs. For example, information on fatigue is given to patients having treatment, and employment information is provided for working-age patients.

St Richard’s Hospital

The St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester team proactively responds to patient needs. This has included making earlier palliative care referrals, which patients have subsequently given positive feedback about. Patients have reported improved palliative care support in the community and appreciate having the referral made earlier in their myeloma journey.

Weston General Hospital

Patients at Weston General Hospital are offered a comprehensive range of psychological support, including prompt access to a clinical psychologist. Cancer Support Worker Nicola Patch is a trained counsellor. CNSs Anna Murawska and Alex Delacruz have completed psychological support training to enhance their skills in screening patients and providing front-line interventions.

Southampton General Hospital

We were delighted to attend the plaque presentation at Southampton General Hospital during Myeloma Awareness Week 2023. A clear highlight of the service is that routine genetic testing is undertaken for all myeloma patients regardless of age. This allows the team to offer certain treatments according to patient risk status, such as tandem stem cell transplantation for high-risk patients.

Prince Philip Hospital

We were particularly impressed with the role of Haematology Pharmacist Pete Baker at Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli. Pete’s role is embedded within the myeloma service, leading an MGUS follow-up clinic. Pete is able to provide consultations in Welsh, which is of immeasurable benefit to the patients under his care.

The commitment of these exceptional hospitals to myeloma care sets them apart as pioneers in the field. Their accomplishments, like integrating specialised clinics, offering comprehensive psychological support or conducting routine genetic testing, have significantly enhanced patient experiences and outcomes.

If your hospital aims to be part of this distinguished group and make a lasting impact on myeloma care, we encourage you to consider pursuing the CSEP accreditation in 2024.

To determine your hospital’s suitability for CSEP accreditation or to learn more, please complete our suitability survey or email the team at CSEP@myeloma.org.uk.