We are pleased to report that University College London Hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, Dorset County Hospital and Salisbury District Hospital have all received Myeloma UK’s CSEP award. Each hospital has demonstrated excellent clinical practice, with some notable highlights.

University College London Hospital

Picture staff and University College London hospital

We were particularly impressed with University College London Hospital’s PrISMS (Promoting Individualised Self-Management and Survivorship) telemedicine clinic, which receives input from a doctor, CNS, and physiotherapist. The centre has a large early-phase trials programme and participates internationally in myeloma research.

Leicester Royal Infirmary

Picture of Haematology at Leicester Hospital team ad A highlight of the service at Leicester Royal Infirmary is the recent introduction of frailty assessments for all new patients over 65, increasing the understanding of the causes of frailty and the potential risk of undertreating. We were also delighted to see the team’s proactive recruitment of hard-to-reach groups to ensure clinical trials are inclusive.

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

The first hospital to be accredited in 2022, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital responded to patient feedback by adopting a pre-prescribe approach, meaning that medication is prepared the day before clinic thus reducing waiting times for patients. The haematology department also has a designated myeloma physiotherapist.

Salisbury District Hospital

A standout at Salisbury District Hospital is The Mobile Cancer Care Unit, which provides rural outreach and reduces the need for patients to travel. We were particularly impressed by the hospital’s expertly-created patient diary.

Dorset County Hospital

Patient travel has also been reduced at Dorset County Hospital thanks to peripatetic physiotherapy and occupational therapy team visiting patients in their homes. We were also impressed by the team’s efforts to educate and support local GPs to improve awareness and understanding of myeloma and related test results.

The Clinical Service Excellence Programme (CSEP) was established in 2015 to recognise when superior care is given to myeloma patients, share best practice initiatives, and to benchmark optimum standards in myeloma treatment. To view participating hospitals, please visit the CSEP website.

For more information on how your hospital can apply, please contact csep@myeloma.org.uk.