Myeloma UK have developed a series of Digital Infoday Sessions to continue providing information and support to patients following the cancellation of our usual Infoday events programme.

The online events take place in a variety of formats, each lasting one hour. This includes panel discussions, Q & A sessions and presentations each centred around a specific topic. The events are broadcasted live on Zoom and Facebook as well as being recorded and uploaded onto the Myeloma UK website afterwards.


Upcoming sessions:

Living well with myeloma.
A panel Q & A session featuring three CNS speakers and facilitated by our Myeloma Information Specialist Ellen Watters. This session will be held at the end of October.

New insights and future directions.
A presentation 
and Q & A session facilitated by our Patient Information Manager Alice Baron and Consultant Haematologist Dr Rakesh PopatThis session is being held on Wednesday 28 November and registration will be launched soon.  


Previous sessions:

COVID-19 & myeloma: ask the experts.
Q & A session featuring four expert haematologists (Dr Karthik Ramasamy, Dr Ceri Bygrave, Professor Graham Jackson, and Dr Richard Soutar) taking questions from the public

Myeloma: from diagnosis to treatment.
A presentation and discussion aimed at more newly diagnosed patients. It was facilitated by our Myeloma Information Specialist Kim Dolman and Consultant Haematologist Dr Fenella Willis

Treatment strategies for relapsing and refractory myeloma.
A presentation and Q & A session facilitated by our Patient Information Manager Alice Baron and Consultant Haematologist Dr Neil Rabin


The Digital Infoday Sessions we have already held have had over 1100 views and received excellent feedback from both the healthcare professionals involved and patients who have watched.

These events are primarily aimed at patients, their friends and family so you can signpost them to this great source of information. Healthcare professionals are also welcome to register and watch the events.

Registration and recordings for all events can found here.