Although haematologists ultimately diagnose and treat myeloma many healthcare professionals (HCPs) have a role to play in myeloma diagnosis. These healthcare professionals are not myeloma specialists and therefore might be unsure about when to suspect myeloma, the tests to request or when to refer to haematology.

Over the last few months, our Clinical Practice Services Team has been busy developing educational resources and raising HCP awareness of myeloma.

Keeping GPs informed and updated about myeloma diagnosis

GPs are critical for ensuring patients with suspected myeloma are referred to haematology in a timely manner. Therefore, they are a key target for our education and awareness work.


To ensure GPs are equipped with the right knowledge to support myeloma diagnosis we have partnered with GatewayC to refresh their myeloma course. The course aims to help GPs feel more confident in spotting, testing and referring suspected myeloma patients.


GatewayC is an online cancer education platform for GPs, practice nurses, GPs in training, health care assistants, physician associates and other primary care professionals across England. It was designed to improve cancer outcomes by facilitating earlier diagnosis and improving patient experience. This RCGP accredited, interactive course, which is free to watch on the GatewayC website, provides a fantastic overview of myeloma and how it is diagnosed.

The Myeloma UK Early Diagnosis Steering Committee has also published an article in InnovAiT, the official journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), to promote the new GP Myeloma Diagnostic tool.


The journal is designed to support Associates-in-Training (AiTs) and provide valuable information for GP trainers, newly qualified GPs, practice nurses, foundation level doctors and medical students.


The article uses two cases studies to highlight the diagnosis and referral processes for myeloma. It is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to know more about diagnosing myeloma.

Development of new webinar series for laboratory staff

Laboratory tests are essential for myeloma diagnosis and the way results are reported by laboratory staff can make a difference to patient referrals. Because of this Myeloma UK has partnered with the UK National External Quality Assessment Service (NEQAS) to develop a series of webinars for laboratory staff. The webinars aim to promote best practices in the reporting of myeloma diagnostic tests results. Expert speakers include Dr Fenella Willis, Dr Jo Sheldon and Dr Ross Sadler who are members of the Myeloma UK Laboratory Best Practice Working Group. Mark Scott shares his experience from before diagnosis and throughout his treatment for myeloma..

There are a number of other projects and resources to help support HCPs coming soon including our first ever myeloma and MGUS guide for GPs.