Myeloma UK’s Clinical Service Excellence Programme (CSEP) team revealed insights from their survey, entitled ‘Just one thing HCPs would change’, at two international conferences last year.

The data was presented to nurses at the International Conference on Cancer Nursing (ICCN) 2023 in Glasgow. At the 2023 International Myeloma Society (IMS) 20th annual meeting and exposition in Athens, Monica Morris presented an analysis comparing key themes of the data with that of patient responses – previously described in ‘Just one thing’ – what would myeloma patients change about their treatment and care?

Two images side by side over orange background. Both images show Myeloma UK staff presenting findings at conferences.

Left: CSEP team present at ICCN 2023, Glasgow. Right: CSEP team present at IMS 2023, Athens

In August 2023, the Clinical Service Excellence Programme (CSEP) team surveyed healthcare professionals (HCPs) across 77 hospitals , asking staff an about the one thing they would change to improve their clinical service.

The team analysed 108 individual comments from Consultant Haematologists and Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and identified one overwhelmingly dominant theme; staffing.

42% of responses cited that they would like improvements to staffing. Other key themes include improving access to new treatments and clinical trials as well as increasing provision of more holistic care.

When combined with the outcomes of the associated 2022 patient survey, these concerns from HCPs are especially telling. Patients expressed desire for improved waiting times, communication and co-ordination of care – all of which can be impacted by staffing numbers.

The findings evidence a consensus among patients and HCPs in the myeloma field. As myeloma caseloads increase, there needs to be an emphasis on matching staffing capacity,so HCPs can provide the timely, holistic, and well-coordinated care patients need.

Myeloma UK’s Clinical Service Excellence Programme (CSEP) is a best practice initiative that aims to support hospitals and staff in implementing change to ensure these goals are met, by:

  • Making a case for better resourced teams and infrastructure
  • Introducing new ways of working, including sharing examples of shining best practice to connect HCPs and encourage wider innovation
  • Remodelling clinics and delivery of treatment
  • Empowering patients towards self-management where possible

Established in 2015, CSEP recognises services providing excellent care for myeloma patients, and benchmarks the optimum standards in myeloma treatment. We still have opportunities left for hospitals interested in taking part in CSEP in 2024.

For more information, email the team at or complete our suitability survey.