Do you know about our Myeloma UK patient information dispensers?

Our free-standing carousels and wall-mounted dispensers are a great way to display our range of patient information publications for myeloma patients in your hospital or clinic. The carousel is on wheels making it ease to move around the hospital or store in between clinics.

Two images side by side. Left image includes a standing carousel dispenser with wheels populated by Myeloma UK patient information publicartions. A lady stands to the left, reading a publication from the dispenser. The right image is a wall mounted dispenser mounted on a white wall. The Myeloma UK logo and orange banner sit above many Myeloma UK patient information publications

(Left) Free-standing carousel dispensers are easy to move about the hospital or clinic space. (Right) Wall mounted dispensers have good capacity for publications whilst using minimal space in busy clinics

Our dispensers are currently in use in 84 hospitals around the UK and get a lot of positive feedback:

“Thanks, this is exactly what we have been looking for to use at clinic.”


“We absolutely love it.”

Our dispensers are now available to order for delivery in Spring 2024. Both types of dispenser are free to order and can be delivered with a set of our most popular publications.

To find our more or order, please contact Pip on or call 0131 230 1719.